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Well a new season is upon us, the school year is starting and the State Fair is this weekend so I guess that means its time for something new on the blog too.

Who out there just wants to be healthier, maybe lose a little weight? I do, and I’ve talked about it alot on here. So its time to do something tangible, something I’m accountable to. Its time for Report Card Mondays.

Every week I will post up how I did in my goal areas these are mine for September:

  • Push-Ups
  • Push-Ups In a row
  • Balance Ball Push-Ups
  • BB Push-Ups in a row
  • Pull-Ups
  • Sit-Ups
  • Sit-Ups in a row
  • Cardio
  • Run 2 Miles in
  • Stretching/Core
  • Weight

 Each week I will remind you what my monthly goals are, tell you how I did and also share some of the recipes I used that week the good the bad and the ugly. I’m trying to he whole natural foods that I  cook, but I will use some pre-cooked or created meals if time becomes limited.

Oh did I mention I have a cruise coming up in May? Well I do, and that may be some extra motivation, I also plan on leaning how to snowboard this winter and would like to be fit enough to be able to do it. Humm I think that about covers it.

See you next Monday with my first report card.


Oh PS this was inspired by my friend S who has lost 30lbs and is working on staying there and my old high school friend J who has lost 85lbs and reports everyday on her blog.

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