It looks ‘green’ but is it?

I got so annoyed on my last shopping trip, I really needed some summer time shirts that didnt’ make me look 12 and things are on sale now so yeah a shopping trip was in order.

To stay green I like to buy from consignment when I can but this was just one of those times that new was in order. I unfortunately can’t afford the organic and sustainable clothing I would like so off to the department store we went. I found a few things and when I arrived home I saw this magical tag:


Since you can’t read that it says: “Live and let live, Being realized and comfortable with everyone and everything. Each day is a special event to be received in a unifying way. Treat the world with the respect and love you want for yourself, and enjoy wearing our clothes.”


Sounds promising huh? nope I think it was like an 80/20 Polyester?Cotton blend…hardly earth friendly. Wow. This is something called green washing I’m sure I’ve talked about it before but for the life of me I can’t find that post. So just in case (from


noun \ˈgrēn-ˌwȯ-shiŋ, -ˌwä-\

Definition of GREENWASHING


: expressions of environmentalist concerns especially as a cover for products, policies, or activities



1green (environmentalist) + brainwashing

GRRR basicly it means companies are trying to look green in order to sell more. Well just one more thing to look out for while shopping.
But I don’t want to end a sour note so here is a company that is green my new Salon that I go to for my ahem, waxing.
  • They do sugar waxing, which not only feels better but it uses no cloth or paper rip strips.
  • Real sheets that get washed
  • Sell enviromentaly friendly products
  • Paper free scheduling and receipts she does it all on her phone!


One thought on “It looks ‘green’ but is it?

  1. Ooo, companies like this make me so mad. I don’t like deception especially when we’re trying so hard to be green. It upsets me when I learn that a company that calls itself “green” is only doing so to make more money. Shame on them!

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