Best Pet Health Review and Giveaway!

So you have heard me talk about  Cooper before, he is our fluffy (even when shaved) lovey-dovey GoldenDoodle. See?

Well those fluffy ears cause a problem you see, they trap moisture and the get well, gross.  So we have a ear cleaner from our vet but its expensive and the smell isn’t so great. Cooper goes running whenever we get it out 🙁 Poor Guy.

Not to long ago I got the chance to work with a company called “Best Pet Heath” First thing you notice is their website clean and professional, very important when I’m going to be ordering something for our ‘fur-child’ I want to know I”m getting quality not junk. The best thing for me was the ways you could find what you were looking for either by pet (Dog or Cat) or by product solutions.  I prefer the Product solutions page its so easy:

So I clicked on the ears and away we went. Right at the top of the page was exactly what I needed the ear care kit with dry cream! Perfect so that is what I got. We have used it twice so far (its been humid here which causes more problems.) and I really like it, in fact I think it may clean better than our old stuff…..

Cooper still runs away when we get out the storage bin, but I think that its because of the smell of the old cleaner. He still doesn’t like it but he dosent’ fight as much with the new stuff.

I’m thinking I’m going to get some of their anti-itch spray for his allergy bumps, I don’t like giving him people stuff.

So now for the fun stuff Best Pet Health is giving away a set just like mine to one of you lucky dog owners! Pretty simple to win too Check out the requirements and additional entries below.


  • Leave one comment with your pets name and tell me a little about him/her. Also let me know that you are following Best Pet Health on Facebook .

Additional Entries

Separate Comments please!

  • Follow Best Pet Health on Twitter
  • Follow Life Love Green on Twitter
  • Tweet about this giveaway and include @lifelovegreen
  • Let me know one fun thing about your pet

There you go 5 easy ways to enter.

Giveaway closes Monday August 29th at Noon CST. Winner will be chosen via


3 comments on “Best Pet Health Review and Giveaway!

  1. how cool! Ive been looking for something new to clean my guys ears. I have the same issues, having the same dog as you 😉

    My pup is also Cooper and a Goldendoodle too!
    I am following Best Pet Health on facebook and will def be checking out their website as well.

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