Thoughts on Thursday: A message for Mac

Hey hon,

So I’m sitting at work fighting hot flashes, hip pain and a sore throat (humm why am I at work again? Oh yeah no sick time left grrr.) So anyway I was thinking about a conversation we had this week, the one where I realized that you look at all of our conversations through “blue” lenses, lenses that taint everything I say so that all you hear is your a bad husband. I’m so sorry that you had that experience before and I want you to know I don’t think your a bad husband. So what better way than to post it up for all to see (that way you know its for real.)

You Mr. Mac are a great husband. But lets face it no one is perfect and there are going to be some things you do that will bug me, or make me angry from time to time but  you are still a great husband. Here is why:

  • You have not only suggested but insisted that I start taking care of myself. Making sure I said no to friends once in a while and other such nonsense 😉
  • You are my protector, seriously God help the person who ever tries to hurt me mentally, emotionally, physically. I have no doubt that would will do everything in your power to protect me.
  • You are my faith inspiration, I wish I had 1/2 the Biblical knowledge you do.
  • You taught me how to have fun again.
  • You take care of me ( and Cooper) and the house too…when it gets bad or I make you….
  • You love me.
  • You love my crazy family.

These are just the tings I can come up with off the top of my very low functioning brain (since I”m sick and in pain) just imagine what I could com up with, if I had a little time and a full functioning brain…


Love you Mac

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