Green Weeds, Blah

So weeds are green the color but they aren’t so green as in Eco-friendly because we tend to resort to chemicals to make them go away.  This summer I’m trying a few other ways to get them out of my life and my yard. Of course there is the always reliable weed pulling but lets just face it that gets old. Plus if your trying to clean up your yard not say a garden its hard to just get the weeds and not the grass. Another time honored way to help prevent the growth of weeds is to mow your grass a little taller than ‘normal’ to prevent the sun from even reaching them.

But what if they are already there (like my yard I think the clover is taking over the world.) What do you do then? Well if the weeds are on a driveway or maybe in the rocks you can try a mixture of salt and vinegar, and a little bio degradable dish soap to hold it all together, and spray on the weeds. But remember salt is a growth inhibitor so done spray where you want anything to grow cuz it wont.

I haven’t found a good way to kill the weeds in mass once they have sprouted in your grass ( that is with out killing the grass.) So the best way is prevention, cut it high, use native grass to your area so its not struggling to grow.


Have any hints for green lawn care? PLEASE share!

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One thought on “Green Weeds, Blah

  1. Best way is to choke the weeds out by having strong grass. In the fall and spring overseed your lawn. It will help the grass to grow and push out the weeds.

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