Thougths on Thurs…Friday Oops.


Have a common goal.

There will always be something that you as a couple don’t agree on and that is fine we don’t have to agree all the time. But lets say for instance something you disagree on is how much to save per month. What if you took it from a different angle? Set a goal of how much you want to have in your savings , when you want to have it buy and then do the math. If you both agree on the end result it will make deciding on the steps to get there so much easier.

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2 comments on “Thougths on Thurs…Friday Oops.

  1. Amen! Ever since Mike and I started doing Dave Ramsey it has been a lot easier. It has also helped him become supportive with my couponing and bargain hunting!

  2. So very true! It’s important to have a common goal in a marriage even if you don’t agree on everything. Last thing you want it marrying someone who doesn’t share any of what you want out of life. I’ve known people who have separated over life goals like having children and even money because they always thought that the other person will one day come around and agree with them but it doesn’t always work that way.

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