A Day in the life.

I saw this on my friend Jen’s blog the other day and I thought it was interesting to see how other people lived so I decided to share a day in the life of ME!

Thursday July 28 2011

5:50 Wake up sleepy head time to get ready for work. This includes all the normal ‘get ready’ things as well as letting Cooper out and checking in on my Cityville game to harvest he crops and plant a few more. (Wow am I really that pathetic?) It should include reading the quick little promise in my Promises Bible from my Mom but I forgot today.

6:30 In the car driving to work I try to keep the radio off for the first 5 minuets just to collect myself for the day. This week I work Tues-Friday which means I drive the Prius Tuesday and then the Pathfinder on Wed-Fri. I drive the Prius on days Mac isn’t working to save gas but he works twice as far as I do so he gets it the rest of the week. BUT guess what tomorrow I car-pool for the first time ever!

6:50 Park VERY carefully so I don’t get another note full of sware words like I did on Wednesday. Oh and PS this was how I parked on Wednesday, on the line? Yes worthy of feeling/being threatened? NO!Photobucket

7:00 Clock-In and start working. I’m a Video Relay Interpreter. What is that? Well I’m a Sign Language interpreter but I do it all using a video phone. Think of all the phone calls you make in a day, that you couldn’t if you were Deaf. I make it possible for them to make those calls. Cameras aren’t allowed in the center for privacy reasons, however I found this one posted on line so I guess this person doesn’t care.

See the lady in the black in the top right corner? Replace that picture with me and there you have it!

8:45 Switch to the standing station for an hour so my back stops screaming.

12:00 Lunch! No left overs today so it was a banana and a Healthy Choice frozen meal.

12:30 Back to work.

2:45 Back to the  standing station.

3:30 Off of work, check the car for mean notes and head back home.

4:15 Blah Traffic stunk today, Arrive at CVS and do my crazy coupon shopping.

4:50 Head to the Library to return the books on CD I borrowed.

5:05 Home

5:10 No idea I know it involved a quick snack, talking to Mac and a short game brake but how did it take 90 minuets?

6:30 8 mile 45 min (slowish) Bike ride

7:30 Mac cooks our Turkey brats while I weed the garden/get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

7:40 Found 3 red ripe tomatoes! Yea BLT’s tomorrow! Oh and some cherry tomatoes too!

8:00 Dinner far to late but oh well.

8:30 Meagen (friend) comes over for pedicures and some girl TV.

10:00 Straight to bed.


I’m not sure this is a ‘normal’ day completely but its close. Normally there would be some cleaning in there somewhere and if I’m lucky a craft.

3 comments on “A Day in the life.

  1. Oh what fun! I loved joining in on your day, and what a cool job!

    Parking is always a nightmare with bigger vehicles and smaller than normal spaces. I do hate it when someone parks on or over the line by my 2-door car and I can’t get in, but have never left a note. ~I have had to crawl across the passenger side before though because of it! Not fun!

  2. I loved reading about your day! It feels as if I was right there with you the entire time 🙂

    Your parking doesn’t look that bad. At least not so bad that someone would leave you a nasty note about it 🙁 I’ve seen waaaay worse. One time we were looking for a spot to park at a crowded parking lot and we saw this one car parked so far over the line he was in two spaces. Now *that* car deserves a note.

    By the way, your work looks like it can be quite tiring after a while. I hope you haven’t had to interpret any strange and awkward conversations!

  3. What a cool idea! I think I will do this tomorrow (as that is one of my “normal days” and then I can post it on Tues. I envy all the physical activity you get in (though I have gotten a lot more in since we moved and have actually lost weight).

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