Vintage = Green

I know this is obvious to most of us but vintage is green! Taking something that already exists and giving it a new life is a great way to reduce our foot-print on the earth. This is one of those things I’ve known in the back of my head but never really thought about. That is until I started watching Dresscue Me on Planet Green. I don’t live out on the coast so shopping here isn’t an option however Etsy is an option and I just found a great new  (and local for me) store.

Here are a few of her cute vintage items:

                      Vintage Orange Flower Dress  Pastel Plaid Blazer Shirt  50's Pink Satin Dress

But some of here best stuff is her up-cycled vintage and just plain worn out jewelry boxes:

                       Blue and Birds Upcycled Vintage Jewelry Box  Green and Coral Upcycled Jewelry Box 

 Cool right? Well check it out they even come with a “Green Guarentee”

Yes,  green guarantee. My vintage boxes are rescued from dumpsters, thrift stores, garage sales, etc… Most of them are worn out, chipped and just straight up U.G.L.Y with absolutely no alibi.  If they’re not already in a dumpster they will be soon.  I take these jewelry boxes, fix them, sand them, paint them and ultimately bring out their real beauty. 

Here are a few more fun facts about  her store:

 How I started:
I started Happy Day Vintage a couple years ago after my second child was born.  I was a former R&D Engineer turned stay at home Mom. I needed an outlet as well as a way to make a little extra cash.  Selling vintage on Etsy seemed like a natural choice, and it was.  The business evolves as I do.  I continue to sell vintage housewares, decor, luggage, etc… on HDV but my real passion is refurbishing old jewelry boxes. I adore transforming these pieces into something beautiful and use-able.

Why the Name Happy Day Vintage?
The name Happy Day Vintage was coined by my then two year old daughter. After a day of treasure hunting (as she called it and still calls it) I decided to open a shop on Etsy. I was trying to think of the perfect shop name when my daughter looks up at me, as she’s rummaging through the treasures we had just purchased, and yells out “Mama, today is a Happy Day!” The rest is history.

How am I Green?
Wow, this is a harder question to answer then I thought it would be. Everything I do revolves around being green, reusing, recycling, upcycling, and ultimately creating something beautiful out of something that was left behind.  Other then giving old items a second life, I also take great pride in the fact I use all recycled packaging.
There is no question that purchasing new items has a negative impact on our world – whether it’s through harmful emissions or sweatshop labor, the manufacturing process is destructive. Taking something old and recreating it into something beautiful has so many benefits.

So go on find some vintage in your area!

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