Beat the heat and stay green.

Just wanted to pass on a few ideas on how you can beat the heat since we have had our Heat index at over 100 degress for the past few days. Current Heat index 102  which is much nicer than yesterdays.


  1. Close all drapes, shades and blinds during the day.
  2. Get a  good fan and have it follow you around the house.
  3. Use your programable thermostat at your highest comfortable temp and remember to only veiry the temp 3-5 degrees when sleeping and at work or your AC will have to work too hard to cool it back down.
  4. Hang out in the basement so you can keep your house warmer.
  5. When you get home from work, change into as little as you feel comfortable in. 😉
  6. Line dry your clothes.
  7. Dont’ cook inside or use a toaster oven insted of a full size or a crock pot.
  8. Air dry your dishes in your dishwasher (you should do this anyway.)


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