Of Calves, Misspellings and Faith

Have you heard of Ciao Mom, a day in the life? Me either until the other day and that is when I went to Sellabit Mumand saw her post My Wrinkles and Muffin Top – Oh Yeah, I Own You. First of all what a great title I think I need to re-work my boring “Things I like about me.” Title Secondly what a great post she listed 13 things that she genuinly liked about herself. I was intrigued and decided to check out her insperation Ciao Mom. Her post was too amazing but check out this one specific quote:


Today is all about celebrating who we are and what we like about ourselves. It is about sending a message to ourselves, to society, and even to our children, that finding the positives in yourself is an important and essential endeavor.  Maybe just maybe, thinking about what we like instead of what we would want to change, will increase our self confidence. Maybe it will help us see things that we have not noticed before. And maybe it will send the message that we are ENOUGH just the way we are.

OK enough talking, this is going to be hard so lets get down to it. I like:

  1. My Faith, I’ve been through some tough stuff, middle school (trust me), losing a husband to cancer at 24, family crisis, but through it all my faith has not waivered. I know that Jesus died for my sins to save ME and that dosen’t change because I’m having a bad day.
  2. I like my calves, no matter what they always seem to look good.
  3. I like that I’m not superfical (in the body image sort of way), I’m not ‘happy’ with my weight but I’m not so concerned about it that diet and exercise consume my life, they are a healthy part of it.
  4. I like being the wierd green chick, I don’t nessacarly think I’m going to save the world but I can do my part to help.
  5. I like being the friend that people call when they need someone, something or some help.
  6. I like my laugh, its loud but I look good doing it I have wedding, engagment and just family picturs with Mac with me laughing and they are some of OUR favorites.
  7. I like that I’m emotional, it means things hurt more but it also means that I can love more, be happier and laugh harder (see #6.)
  8. My Family, I’m blessed with parents that are still together, 2 yes 2 great sets of In-Laws (Mac’s and Mark’s) and amazing brother and sister in law and some pretty great extended family too.
  9. That I’m not a ‘normal’ photographer. My SIL Bec is a great portriate and artistic photographer but that is just too much pressure for me I much prefer my sports and landscapes.
  10. I like my quirky misspellings so much so that I decided to not spell check this post.



3 comments on “Of Calves, Misspellings and Faith

  1. Love your post. I have always admired how stable your faith is and how you have persevered through so much. I tend to get my green secrets from you so I enjoy that too! =)

  2. I love this list :). One thing that I admire most about you is your strong faith. You’ve been through so much but your faith remains intact. It what makes you such a genuine person to become friends with. I also love how you share so much about yourself, both good and bad. You are awesome, Amber 🙂

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