“Cooking” Green

Its been a while since I’ve done a green post, sorry!

In our house we have been doing our best to not turn on the AC unless its over 90 outside, plus when it is running your don’t want it to compeat with your oven or stove. So a great way to conserve energy is to eat raw or grilled foods.  If you grill your taking the heat outside and if you go raw well then your just have no heat!

If you must cook try to do it at night when its cooler outside. Do any prep work you can the night before. Boil Eggs, Potatos or fry up the hamburger the night before. Use a crock pot if you can since they put off less heat (check out this great crock-pot fish recipe we used walleye.)

Here are some of my favorite raw reciepies taht I’ve shared before and a few new ones.

Raw Tacos:

Raw ‘Tuna’:

Picture from the Pixiepine blog where I found the recipe.

Lettuce Wraps:

They can have anything on them but here is a post with some ideas from my friend Sara.

Picture is from Sara’s Happy Foody Blog


 Zucchini Pasta:


One thought on ““Cooking” Green

  1. Making Sushi is also a way to not use the stove in the summer.

    Luckily in our new apartment we have had to only run the AC once and it was when it hit the upper 90’s

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