We had a great time celebrating our 2 year anniversery and I just thought since I talked about it on Monday I would share some of the highlights with you.

First we checked into our hotel room it was a local hotel but it was nice to ‘get out of our comfort  zone’ I got the room on Priceline for only $50.00 a night for a 3.5 start hotel!!

Then we got ready for our night out and headed off to our current favorite resturrant, ChinoLatino. If you call the day before they will even print a special message for you on the menu. Photobucket

The heart if you couldn’t tell is just covering up Mac’s real name.

They sat us in the back corner booth which was under this amazing wall.

ChinoLatino,Snapbucket,Set: Pro,Filter: X-Process,Original,Frame: Highlight White,Vignette: Sm. Black

This is just a fraction of the wall I can’t even imagine lighting all of the oil candles.

We had dinner it was delish as always Bulgolgi wraps (korean) Sushi, Orange Chicken and then dessert but we were so full we just got a mini.

Vignette: Rough Black,Original,Snapbucket


We considered going to a movie but realized we were too tired and would fall asleep in the middle so back to the hotel room we went. When we entered our room we found this surprise from the manager we met in the elevator earlier.

 Snapbucket,Double Tree,Vignette: Sm. Black,Original

Tuesday we did something really exciting, we put together our new shed!! I know its silly but we have been wanting one for a while our garage is just too darn cluttered.



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  1. Sounds like a perfect anniversary celebration to me! I think Jason and I never bothered with going all out and have a fancy celebration for our anniversary. Keeping it low key and just spending time together is the best way to celebrate, don’t you think? It’s great that you got something nice from the hotel too!

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