2 Years of Marriage!

This is a hard post to write, that may seem strange for those of you who don’t know my or Mac’s story but here we go, this is the short version.

I was married once before. I got married to Mark when I was 19 and we didn’t get a honeymoon because I was still in school. We took our ‘big trip’ 2 years later with a cruise down the west coast, it was great! However on the way back Mark had double vision while driving. After a month or so of that not going away and a lot of testing we found out he had Cancer. Right there at the 2 year mark. Right when things were getting ‘easy’ We both had real jobs and school was a part of our past. Then cancer hit and our life was turned upside-down. In December of 2007 Mark passed away.

2 Years is a big moment in Mac’s past as well. You see he was also married once before and just before his 2 year annaversery his wife up and left him. There is alot more to that story obviously but this isn’t the place for that.

So as you can see, 2 years is a big deal for both of us. For me its a time to see that this marriage might be ‘normal.’ Yes I know that just because neither one of us is sick now doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I know that doesn’t mean our children someday will be perfectly healthy but at the same time it means I can breath easier. I don’t have to freak out that the first 2 years are the only normal we are going to get.  I think sometimes I’m looking for the dramatic because that is what I”m used to.

For Mac its a time for him to for sure understand that we are together forever. I’m not going to leave when times get hard and I will respect and stay true to my marriage vows. Again don’t  get me wrong he has no fear of me leaving him but still its stuck in the back of your mind you know?

So Today July 11th 2011 is 2 years of Marriage. I’m crying now, well trying not to because I’m at work. But honestly until writing this I just thought it was a big deal for him, but it is for me as well. The roof is taking up most of our extra spending money so we aren’t doing anything too special but no matter today is a BIG DEAL and we will celebrate and Praise God for the gift he has given us in each other.

I love you Mac, I’m not going anywhere.

Your Wife, now and until God separates us,


PS if you know Mac please take a moment to acknowledge what a great day this is.

3 comments on “2 Years of Marriage!

  1. Happy 2nd anniversary to both you and Mac! You two are so very amazing with everything you’ve been through. Your marriage is a perfect example of love between two people who have been through a lot of difficulties in life. I think it’s wonderful that you found each other because you complement one another so well. Reading about the struggles and the challenges you share as well as the many good times you have together makes me appreciate my own marriage too. I wish you two a life long of happiness 🙂 (I think you have me crying from reading this post too!)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your story; it can be a difficult thing to do I know. As long as you two are together and celebrating it doesn’t matter about going all out (that’s how I feel) Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness!

  3. We love you and are very proud that you are at the “TWO YEAR” mark in your marriage! We’re also with you for life – both of you. Make sure Mac knows that!

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