Painting with Vinyl

Remember I told you I was a new designer for Expressions Vinyl? Well here is my first project for them.

I don’t know about you but I’m not to great at free-hand painting and this can make even the simplest of projects hard. But no longer, you just have to use a little vinyl in a non-traditional way.

I wanted to make a sign that represented me and my life to hang in my office. So I started with a blank canvas and 3 words. Faith, Love, Photography.


1. First I painted the sides of my canvas.
I chose orange because I’m planning on painting the front teal. You can paint front and sides the same color or leave the sides white its up to you.

Snapbucket,Vignette: Lg. Black,Original

2. While that was drying I used my Cricut to cut out each word in a different font.
Use any scraps you have, each word or even each letter can be a different color because they will be removed later.Snapbucket,Filter: Retro,Vignette: Sq. Black,Original

3. Next I placed the middle word first. I measured to the center of the canvas and then centered the E of the word love.
4. I used the placement of the word love to center both Faith and Photography.

Snapbucket,Vignette: Lg. Black,Original
5. Next I painted over the vinyl. Yep right over top of it!

6. Lastly have some patients (this is the hardest part.) Wait for the paint to dry and peel off the vinyl.
Tip use a small blade or multi-tool to start the peeling process.

Snapbucket,Original,Vignette: Lg. Black

That’s it your done, now sit back and admire your work.

Snapbucket,Vignette: Sm. Black,OriginalI like the ‘rough edges’ on the letters and the sides its how you know its home made.

If you want cleaner edges use blue painters tape to cover the sides before painting the front.

Vignette: Lg. Black,Original,Snapbucket

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