Thoughts on Thursdays: 1st Impressions

By 1st Impressions I’m not talking looks or the first date I’m talking about our attitudes in the mornings. Lets face it we are not all morning people, its just a fact and often cant be changed no matter how early you go to bed. But what I’m talking about dosen’t only apply to those of you who don’t like mornings.

I’m talking about how your attitude starts your spouses day. Lets say you wake up and notice that your spouse (who went to bed last) left a bunch of lights on. You decided to leave them a note informing them of their mistake. Innocent enough but think about how its starts your spouses day. The first thing they hear from you is that note 🙁 sad.

Try to keep your ‘grumpy things’ for later in the day so you don’t start them off in a bad mood. That is if it is something that can wait.

3 comments on “Thoughts on Thursdays: 1st Impressions

  1. I am a morning person….very much so. =) LOL!

    Great post! My husband and I are on very different schedules so this is somthing we have to keep in mind a lot. For me it’s been this and for him it’s this and not trying to get into deep conversations when I am getting ready for bed (unless it something urgent). When I am ready for bed all I want to do is sleep!

  2. Guilty as charged! And it’s quite true..we tend to forget how our moods impact those around us. I try to get to bed on time, it makes a world of difference come morning! : )

  3. Great post! I’m also guilty of being the nagging wife in the mornings sometimes too. Even more so when E wakes us up earlier than usual. I must remember this message whenever I get the urge to be sarcastic to Jason or when I nag him for not doing things the night before. Thanks for sharing!

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