Surprise 30th!

So I’ve been a little more quite than normal and that is because I was scared I would spill the beans. What beans? Well the beans that our yearly family 4th picnic was actually a surprise party for MAC with my family involved  as well!

We pulled it off, I was cooking most of Sunday but since we had a family picniccoming up and I was making red white and blue cake MAC was none the wiser.

Frame: Instant,Snapbucket,Original

Snapbucket,Frame: Instant,Home,Original

This cake was really easy to make just a few extra steps to make it.

  1. First you mix the cake batter. I made french vanilla cake so it would be white.
  2. Then divide it into thirds. (for me this was 2 cups each)
  3. Add blue  and red dye to two of  the batter bowls and then your have your 3 colors.
  4. Get out 2 round  pans and layer it up.
  5. Pan #1  All of the red and then 1/2 of the white.
  6. Pan #2 1/2 White and then all of the Blue
  7. Thats it, bake, stack, frost, enjoy!

So I made cake my favorite jalapeno potato salad and got all the grilling foods together. Both sides of the family brought sides and more desserts and decorations.  We got Mac out of the house by sending him to the shooting range with the Dad’s a cousin and my brother. When he came back the house had been transformed and the party began.

What a great day!

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