Couponing Delima

As you may have noticed, I’ve started couponing. Mac and I have decided (prompted by the roof needing repaired) that we need to beef up our savings account again. We have one  and its fine but for our peace of mine we would like a little more in there before we replace our roof.

However with couponing comes a green deliema, often to get the best deal (some times even free) you must buy a smaller size of an item (even travel size.)

Not to mention the wasted paper since you have to buy news papers to get the coupons or print them off.

This dose not sit well with the greenie in me, not at all. So while couponing I’ve set a few rules for myself to make couponing a little more green.

  1.  ALWAYS Recycle the leftover newspapers and scrap paper from the coupons.
  2. NEVER buy the trial size even if it is free.
  3. Only buy what we will use prior to experation
  4. Don’t print coupons for items that I’ll never use
  5. Buy the largest size possiable while being smart with the coupons.
  6. Recycle all packaging.

Anyone else have ideas for me on how I can make couponing more green?

One thought on “Couponing Delima

  1. Buying some things from – has groceries and toiletries or where the coupons are electronic codes. AND you can always find large sizes.

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