Bad Mood

I’ll be back later today to post my normal Wednesday ‘green’ post but for now I need to get a few things off my chest.

It all started Monday morning when at 10:00 AM I was informed that my roof did indeed need to be replaced and it will not be covered by insurance. Why you may ask? Because the owners before us choose organic shingles when they replaced the roof in 1998 and turns out those shingles suck. They can’t handle the heat that builds in your attic and they start to curl and loose their grit. That started the $$ conversation, we have a good savings account but don’t want to put such a big dent in it right now. Since the roof isn’t leaking or anything we are going to start saving like mad, but that means cutting out a lot of fun things….

So I’m not looking forward to cutting out the gym, I keep telling myself that for the summer it will be fine and I can start up again in the winter but that is adding to my mood.

Tuesday was fine except my neck was bugging me.

Then today…I got out of the house on time (even a few min early) but as soon as I jumped in the car I saw the empty light, in the Pathfinder I don’t think I would even make it to work…so I started towards the gas station, Then I thought I didn’t have my wallet that slowed me down. Found it put in 2 gallons of gas and was on my way literally hitting every red light on the way to work. Next I noticed my husbands parking pass for work on my dash, great that means he has to pay or go get a ticket validated, not something you want to ask for to often and our greatest ‘fear’ with the shared car thing.

No I’m sitting at work with a very sore neck grumpy trying really hard not to give in to my sugar craving because I know it won’t really help anything….GRRRR.

3 comments on “Bad Mood

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a not so good week. Just a suggestion to help save on costs – if you have to cut of the gym, I think the summer is a good time because you’re able to do alot more activity outside. So maybe it’s not really a bad thing if you can’t get to the gym. Hope that helps!

  2. Sorry to hear about the extra expenses. I hear you; found out my auto insurance is going up because we moved to a safer but “more populated area.” What in the world??? If you ever need a walking buddy let me know; especially now that we are less than 10 blocks away from each other.

  3. Sorry that your week has been so sucky 🙁 That roof thing really threw a wench into your plans. Can’t blame you for feeling so annoyed and angry, especially since you know it’s something that you can’t put off until later. Like the other have said, at least you can workout outside for the next few months and cut out the gym for now. Hopefully things will be better next week!

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