Shopping with Coupons.

I haven’t had interest in coupons in a while now for various reasons. I don’t get a paper, they normally don’t have the kind of foods or products that  we use. They are normally over processed foods and products with lots of chemicals.

That being said we are trying to become very aggressive in our savings, we have a lot we are trying to do over the next few years (kids, paintball trips, vacations, paying off the pathfinder and student loans and triple our savings account.) Between that and the new show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC we (yes we) decided to try couponing.

I’m not extream yet but I’m pretty excited how my first big trip turned out.


Pre-Sale/Coupon Total: $234.05

After Coupons and Sales: $122.45! 48% Savings!!!

Here are some of my best deals:


SunKist Tuna in Water Full Price $1.39 Coupon $1.00 off 2 doubled so $2.00 off 2. Final Price $.39 Cents each. 72% Savings!!



Chicken Breasts on sale for only $1.99/lb I bought two packages and took them home to my food saver and divided them up into packages of 4 and 2.


Full Price $3.29 Coupon (Doubled) $1.00 off each so $2.00 off each final price $1.29 each  61% Savings!!!


Normal Price $2.59 Purchase price 10 for $10.00 so 62% Savings!!


Lastly Brand Name cereal I walked out of the store with 6 boxes for $2.00 each and 5 boxes for $1.00 each!!

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  1. Awesome job! ….And I thought I was doing good with a 34% savings (though I have to say I went there just for Groceries…I did my personal needs shopping elsewhere and saved there). Though since I got a great coupon for John Frieda Shampoo and am donating my hair this week I might have to bring the coupon to see what kind of deal I can score. My favorite deal on my shopping trip was Pretzel’s dog food for $1.33…a 25% savings! I had to be careful not to compare myself to others and not be hard on myself. This still triples my average saving at SuperTarget and I did a good job!

    I was going to post something like this but didn’t get around to it. Maybe this Sat when I go again?

    I still like to get most of my produce at the Farmers Market when I can because the Rainbow produce is hit or miss. When I went there i was going to buy their sale asparagus but it was sitting in slimy water! ewwww!

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