Aspirations 2011 Update#4

The good:

  • I’ve cut down on my sugar intake ALOT! I’m still not perfect but hey who is?
  • Another successful crock pot recipe from A Year of Crock Pot Cooking, Fish! I used light mayo and fresh caught fish from our trip to Canada last year. The mayo I use is whole ingredients only no preservatives or added anything. So really it was pretty good health wise. Oh and we used parmesan not cheddar.
  • I’ve lost 3 pounds!
  • I”m cutting back on my depression meds. This isn’t something I talk about much because well I’m a hypocrite. I tell all my friends if they need them take them and don’t look down at them at all. However when I’m on them I tend to get down on myself. I think this stems from growing up with ADHD and needing meds to be ‘normal.’  I worked very hard to learn cooping methods so I didn’t need those pills and just to be back on something else was a little heartbreaking for me.
  • We have cut back on dinning out.
  • $$ Wise I’m working on couponing, this Saturday will be my first try at double daz at my local store.

The Bad:

  • Not doing so hot with paying off the Pathfinder. We have taken up a new paintball photography and blog endeavor and it takes a lil money to get started. Check out that blog at for something different.
  • Still should go back to the cash budget for dinning out this would really help us stick to the plan.
  • I’m forgetting my sleeping pill far too often which causes me to be tired and therefore need a pop or something to wake up. Not good for natural foods or $$

Well it looks like at least numbers wise the good out weigh the bad so I”m going to stick to that way.

!!6 to 3 WIN!!

One thought on “Aspirations 2011 Update#4

  1. LOL–What do you know. I will also be doing double daze myself tomorrow. I sure hope it pays off!

    Awesome job with the goals. Since we are moving in 11 days I have put my goals on hold but plan on getting back to them once we are in our new place. So close I can almost taste it!

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