Thoughts on Thursday: What happened to respect?

I know this isn’t for marriage only but its been on my mind alot recently so I thought I would share.

I’m a sign language interpreter, as such I’m privey to many personal conversations between family members. Mom and daughter, Grandmother/ Grandson. Every mix and mach you can think of. I’m sorry to say but around 60% of these calls are just plain rude!  Where is my money? Come and watch my kid ! I Need ____ and so on. Its not just Deaf people though. Man some of the things I hear of one sided conversations of people on cell phones..eek.

What ever happened yo you collect more flys with honey?

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: What happened to respect?

  1. Eek indeed! It’s amazing how rude people can be to each other, especially family members and friends. If they want respect, they should show it too!

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