Thoughts on Thursday: Admit when your wrong

This one is hard for both Mac and I. We don’t like being wrong, we would rather be right…duh.  But lets face it, in most situations if we can’t both be right (that is if we disagree with each other. ) We need to be able to rationally evaluate the other persons opinion and we will see that maybe in fact they do have the better idea.

Case and point, I stink at names, and I”m just learing the whole paintball world. I get confused alot and that could make our website look bad. So even though I think “I can do this”  in reality I need to have Mac’s help it is best for the business, it is best for us. I don’t “know it all” I can’t, at least not yet 😉

If we could just admit when we are wrong think of how much nicer, calmer and smoother life would be.

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday: Admit when your wrong

  1. I hear ya! Whenever Jason and I get into arguments over stupid things, we freeze each other out and refuse to talk things over. In a way, that’s a good thing because trying to talk when we’re both angry just causes us to spout out more angry words. After we had a chance to cool down a little, we often realize that we were wrong about whatever it was we were fighting over and we can honestly apologize for our behavior. It’s definitely hard to admit that you’re in the wrong but it’s easier to do that than to stay mad at your spouse and best friend.

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