The Kleenex Hand Towel Scare

Have you sceen these kleenex commercials?

I feel like they are trying to scare me into using their wasteful, disposable products. How about this? Just wash your hand towels.

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  1. I hate these commercials and the product itself. Of course the towel will get yucky if you don’t ever switch it out or wash it. But we have amazing machines these days called washing machines to take care of this sort of issue.

    (Plus, in addition to upping the waste in one’s life, it also just sterilizes everything a bit more. I don’t like antibacterial soap everywhere because it kills the good stuff, too, and I think the overuse of anti-bacterial-anything undercuts one’s immune system.)

    Another product that makes me *headdesk*: home automatic soap dispensers. And the commercial that goes on and on about how germy the pump it, and you have to touch it to get the soap out. Well, yeah, my dirty hands are touching the less-than-pristine pump so I can get soap to *gasp* wash my hands. Thus negating the need for an automatic dispenser.

    (I will say that that in public places like an airport, the automatic features don’t bother me. I suppose it is the known dirtiness of my own home versus the unknown of public spaces.0

  2. I have wondered how this product will do given the fact that we are trying to gravitate away from stuff like this! Like… do they even sell very many? I’m one of those people that carries a towel in my diaper bag for drying my hands in public restrooms. LOL

  3. I just saw this commercial and thought the same thing! How wasteful – of both your money and of resources. There is nothing wrong with washing your hand towels, rather than buying another disposable “convenience” item. My hubby and I both had a good chuckle about that commercial.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following from the Green Mama Blog Hop! I’m following your blog as well. 🙂

    The Little Hedgehog

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