Aspirations 2011 update #3 (Cooking and non-processed food)

Well after a short stint of going out far to often….oops. I’m back on the wagon. Even while going out I was pretty good about the non processed food thing, its simple really. Just make sure you choose restaurants that use fresh ingredients. Around here we have some Korean, Mexican, and Vietnamese restaurants in the area that do. Sadly not many American restaurants have fresh food.

But as I said at the beginning I’m back onthe cooking train infact last night we had ribs, homemade in the slowcooker ribs from A year of Slow Cooking. Umm they were delish you should try them, and oh so simple. I went to the grocery store last week and did a pretty good stock up so that I would have no excuse to dine out. 

  But still the excuses appear. My friend got a ‘Big Girl Job” (salary and benefits) I got some bad news so Mac took me out to make me feel better. Plus tonight is a belated birthday celebration with some of my girlfriends.  So when I go out I do research and find the lowest calories and most natural ingredients possible. For example tonight we are going to a Mexican restaurant. I’m going to get the fajitas, right away 1/2 is going in the to go box for my hubby then only eat one with a tortilla and the rest with fork.

So yeah it goes its still  a battle but I’m making better decisions and that is the goal right?

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