Thoughts on Thursday:Family is important.

I”m lucky to have my whole family pretty much intact. We grew up close and still try to attend as many events as we can. Its harder for Mac and I since we live 4 hours away. But last weekend was my Mom’s 50th birthday, it was sorta a big deal right? Mac had to work on Saturday 4 am till 2 pm but he was a great sport and even drove part of the way after I picked him up. 

It means so much for me that Mac was willing to do that for MY family.  I know it dsoen’t seem like a big deal and for us its not we both believe that family is important. But I know isn’t  how it is for all families.

So if family is important to your spouse make it important to you.

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday:Family is important.

  1. I totally agree! My family is important to me too. Unfortunately, Jason seems to have a hard time getting along with my parents and my grandparents but he tries his best not to act unreasonable when we see my family, especially since we live so very far from everyone because of his dream to live and work in Japan. I also try my best to get along with his family even though a lot of their ideals rub me the wrong way (his parents are pretty upper class and have a tendency to look to on the middle/working class people like my family)

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