Green Spring!

I think spring has finaly arrived in Minnesota, Friday night I planted my garden and the weather is nice enought to convince me that it might just survive. More on my garden next week.

I”ve already started opening windows and doors when I”m home, I’ve got the celing fans running and I”m starting to think about line drying again. Spring is here!

So those are a few ways you can green your spring here are a few more.

  • Make a rain barrel (I will show you mine soon!)
  • Use biodegradable laundry soap so when you hang it to dry your not hurting your grass.
  • Don’t turn on your sprinklers, its spring its going to rain!
  • Don’t fertalize your yard unless its organic, you can de-thatch (remove the dead stuff)the dead patches to help the new grass grow through. This is all I do with our ‘dog spots.’
  • Spring cleaning? Don’t throwaway, donate!
  • Open the curtians and use the sunlight.

Have any more Ideas how to green your spring? Please let me know!

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