Motivation for exercise.

Last week I didn’t exercise much (1 day at the gym is all) because of a weird travel and work schedule. I noticed that a day or so into my work week my back was killing me. Nothing worked I would adjust my chair or add a pillow but to no avail, it just plain hurt.

Then yesterday I had a light bulb moment that the two of those things were connected. Guess what I was right! Last night Mac and I went for our first paddle of the season and then a short 3 mile bike ride. I slept better and today my back (so far at least) feels great!

So the point of this post is two fold. First of all to stay accountable and say that I was a bad girl last week. Secondly to encourage myself and others that there are more benefits to exercise than losing weight and I’m proof. There are other mental and physical benefits that make it worth it. So maybe on those days when your tempted to not be worried about the weight, the other benefits will motivate you, and me to exercise.

Oh yeah the other way I’m motivating myself? I have a little pocket calender and stickers I get one sticker for each of these 4 things:

  1. A day without blatent sugar
  2. Focused Exercising
  3. Staying within my calorie goal
  4. Taking my vitamins

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