Making a ‘painting’ in PSE

Ok first of for those of you who don’t know PSE is Photoshop Elements. Its a cheaper and more limited version of Photoshop but I like it a lot and really don’t think I need anything more. 

I got another offer for a free canvas from Canvas People (you should really sign up for their e-mails) all I had to pay for was shipping. So I decided to do a Cooper ‘painting.’

I started with this picture:

Isn’t he  cute?

I cropped it in and changed it to black and white.

Then I used the Palette Knife filter to make it look more like a painting. I would tell you my settings but that wouldn’t really help. Just play around till you like it.

To add that cute text I simply made a white box (box selection tool and paint bucket.) Then used the Drop Shadow-Hard Edge action to create the shadow on the bottom to make it stand out. Added text and I was done!


What do you think?



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2 comments on “Making a ‘painting’ in PSE

  1. Your dog caught my attention! How cute, I see some Bichon here, right? Check out my blog if you favor the bichon’s. I blog about mine frequently. I also enjoy working with the photo editing programs. You can do so many creative things!

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