Being green pays.

BYOB (Bring your own bag)

  • Target gives you 5 cents each bag.
  • CVS has an incentive for every 4 times you don’t ask for a bag.
  • Whole Foods gives a credit per bag.
  • Trader Joe’s enters you into a drawing
  • Krogers (Smiths) .03 cents each
  • Fred Meyers .05 cents each
  • Albertsons .05 cents each
  • Winco .10 cents each
  • Safeway .03 cents each

Coffee Shops with a discount

  • Einstein Bros gives you a .99 cent refill
  • Caribou Coffee .50 cents off with a  reusable mug
  • Starbucks .10 cents off with a reusable mug

Many will ask you to remove and hold on to the lid.

Do you know of anywhere else that I should add to the list? I would like to make this as comprehensive as possiable but I am looking for chains not just your corner store.

  • Ralphs gives you points on your store card
  • Stop and Shop .05 cents

Great idea from a monther keep and empty kleenex box in your car with plastic bags to reuse

One thought on “Being green pays.

  1. I have a list of places too but none that you can find in your area 🙂 It’s great seeing how bringing your own bag can save you money even if it’s small amounts. Plus, you don’t have to bother with figuring out what to do with all those plastic bags around the house 🙂

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