No Excuses in my marriage

Lets be honest we all have excuses in our marriage.  We are too busy with life to have a date night. We are tired from the day so its OK to be crabby with our spouse.   We have too much to do around the house to take time out and talk to our spouse.

What ever the excuse is it stops here, I’m not going to be perfect, I’m going to keep making excuses but I’m going to consciously work on it and try to drastically reduce the number of them.

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One thought on “No Excuses in my marriage

  1. I’m guilty of the excuse thing too which is why open communication is so important in a healthy relationship. That and being open minded and understanding. There are days when Jason acts annoyed at everything because he had a bad day at work. Even though there can be many excuses about his attitude, it’s important that I don’t take it personally and get angry at him in return because that doesn’t solve anything. It would only make us more crabby with each other.

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