I”m full of excuses, I don’t have time to cook, I’m too tired, It would be nice to have a ‘date’ with Mac. All reasons I don’t eat like I should and we spend far too much money on dining out…

I’m exercising like crazy but I’m not seeing the weight loss because I’m still eating terribly, which for me doesn’t nessacaraly mean I eat unhealthy for me it means I eat too much.  To celebrate my birthday, I went out with a Friend on Friday, which would have been just fine, IF that was the only time I went out but it wasn’t.

Now I’m getting birthday deals galor (its a week from today BTW) So far I get free coffee and ice cream as well as a free dessert…yikes and yumm. So I’m going to pick out just a few of the offers (the better ones think free meals not free dessert.) I’m going to quit making up excuses and get rid of this weight I’ve gained from the meds I take.

I WILL make this happen, no excuses. I’ll keep you updated.

2 comments on “Excuses

  1. Got all those excuses too. Weight loss is not fun. Just when I start to think I am making headway we have a horrible weekend and I am back at square one.
    Good luck!

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