Now what? Seedlings

Ok what am I supposed to do with these:
When it looks like this outside:

Ahh the joys of Minnesota….


So really what do I do?!? Plant in bigger pots, keep them in here? What?


I’m going to be planting my herb seeds soon and maybe replanting the beans and peppers we shall see.

4 comments on “Now what? Seedlings

  1. You can keep them in the small pots a little longer but keep them moist and make sure they get air. I use a misting spray bottle and spray my seedlings every morning and make sure the soil is not dried out. If the roots are starting to pop out of the container, transplant them into bigger pots and wait to plant outside until the temps stay warm enough. The more root zone they have, the faster and stronger they will grow but transplanting too often can be risky and put too much stress on the tiny seedlings.
    PS – I planted veggies in egg cartons this year and am having the same problem! I have to spritz them with water 1-2 times a day! check out my blog posts on Earth Month…

  2. Wow! I can’t believe you are still getting snow now! It’s almost May! I agree with the others about keeping them in a small pot. You can also try making a rectangular planter and planting them in there until it gets warmer 🙂

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