Start with Silence- Follow up.

It’s been nearly a month since I started this little self challenge, well honestly its not even a challenge anymore! I’m not tempted at all to watch Hulu or listen to music in the morning and here is what I’ve noticed:

  • I’m more attentive to what time it is (translated I’m not pushing being late everyday)
  • I’m less forgetful (this morning I remembered my badge was on my dresser not in my work bag)
  • I feel calmer in the morning and more on top of it. I have time to think through the day and figure out what I need to get done.
  • I’m eating healthier. Instead of grabbing a frozen meal because I don’t have time, I can gather fruits veggies and some ‘real’ food.

I know tomorrow I’m going to have to turn on the radio in the car, since we are supposed to get snow tonight (grr) but that is an exception to the rule.  Also once I’ve heard it I will have no problem turning it off again. I like the silence now, I’m no longer afraid of it.

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