Thoughts on Thursday: Laugh it off

Sometimes we do things that are just plain, well, dumb. Its not intentional it might even be embarrassing but it happens. Case and point, Tuesday night Mac decided to go to the car wash and then detail the inside of the pathfinder (yeah that needed to happen.) He was listening to the Twins game on the radio while he worked an low and behold he drained the battery. Oops.  We tried to jump it with the Prius (turns out a Prius can get jumped but can’t jump another car.) Then we went to our neighbors and got it taken care of.

The reaction to this situation is key, I could have reacted all sorts of ways but lets face it, it was a mistake. Honestly it was kinda funny. So really I just didn’t react, we took care of it an that was that. Later as we were driving around re-charging the car  we both laughed!

Don’t take life to seriously remember sometimes its simply funny!

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