Cheap, Easy, Green: Shower Drain

It costs $3.00, you can buy it at your local harware store, and you may never have to use a costic, chemical drain cleaner again. What is it?

Dog Bathing Tub Drain Strainer Catches Hair Sm 2 1/4"

A drain screen! Its easy take out the plug to your drain lay this on top and clean it out when your drain gets slow.  When I want to take a bath I just use a rubber plug instead of the stopper that came with it.

Thats it!

***Here is a great hint  from a new friend! Dawn from Designs by Dawn Marie.****

That’s step one… step two for when it gets slow, get a big bottle of lemon juice… nothing fancy.

Dump it down your drain the night before you go to bed.

The next morning, boil a big pan of water on your stove… like corn on the cob size pan.

As the scalding hot water flushes down the drain, it clears away the soap residue (which makes a paste in your drain pipes slowing them down) and any hair that may have snuck under the screen (which it does.)  AND it will not damage your pipes, like Liquid Plumber will, especially on older homes because the chemicals in there are so strong!

It works… even on my thick locks. 🙂  Hope your day is terrific my dear!


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