Blogmania Preview: ReSew

“Turn thrift-store finds into fabulous designs.”

Eeek you guys I’m so excited about this book! Just paging through it before my vacation I found so many things I wanted to make. I had plans to make a  sweater scarf to show you all but my sewing machine decided to hate me…grr. But anyway check it out



Jenny not only tells you how to make it (with tons of pictures, diagrams and great instructions) but what to make it with. What kind of material what size of sweater/shirt/pants she used and so on. That is perfect for a newbie like me I’ve never tried refashioning before. I’ve got a whole list of things I’m going to make, but here are just a few.

Since sweater season is finally over here I think I”m going to make my first project this great cuffed skirt made from men’s dress pants:

I’m also getting a new god-daughter late this summer and I’m going to make her this adorable elephant cuddle cushion:

Last on my list of ‘going to make soon’ is this great wraparound shirt:

So that is the last of the previews come back tomorrow for the giveaway with more than $150.00 worth of goodies!

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