Blogmania Preview: Cutting Edge Stencils

So Blogmania is coming up on April 9th and I thought it would be fun to show you some of the amazing prizes you could win.

The first sponsor I want to talk about is Cutting Edge Stencils. They are giving away a stencil from their website worth up to $50.00!

They are so fun and easy, I even got a pretty detailed one and had no problem. Check it out!

The process is pretty straight forward, start with your supplies. Paint (either craft paint or latex,) Brushes (roller or stencil,) Painters Tape, and Elmers Craft Bond Spray (optional.)

Then as suggested  I did a test run on some cardboard. I’m glad I did because I didn’t like the pink I was getting  mixing the red and white. Honestly the instructions were a little overwhelming at first but then I realized it was simple but specific so I could get the best results possible. They offered a lot of ideas for products (paint brands, rollers and the like) and how to place the stencil.

So I bought a few new pinks (that happened to be on clearance!) and hung the stencil. We decided not to use the Craft Bond since edges were pretty sharp in my trail run without it. I unrolled the stencil the night before (as suggested) so that it was flattened. Then the next morning I started painting.

I did the branches with a base color and then shadowed with a darker shade. To keep the edges sharp with out using the adhesive spray make sure you go backwards over the loose edges to keep them down as you paint.

Then I got to work on the flowers, White first, dark pink at the base, light pink around the edges.

All Done!

Come back on April 9th to see how you can win a stencil for yourself!


3 comments on “Blogmania Preview: Cutting Edge Stencils

  1. Oh my! That is simply beautiful! I would love to do that to the walls in my apartment too except we’re not allowed to….

    I agree with the comment above, they really do look like cherry blossoms 🙂

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