Thoughts on Thursday: Shop together

Maybe its just me but I like it when Mac and I shop together. I feel like I get to know him more. His food likes and dislikes (I know for the most part but its easy to get stuck in a rut.) His style (which is changing a bit.) Plus we talk, not about anything too in depth obviously but still we talk. I like it very much, maybe you should try it.

What everyday thing do you enjoy doing with your spouse?

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Shop together

  1. I love driving in the car with Dave. We inevitably have the funniest conversations and it seems like that time is precious, there are no interruptions (other than our three year old) and we really get a few precious moments to just talk.

    GREAT question.

  2. I like shopping with my hubby too. If it’s really busy and I get claustrophobic, he always does something silly like pretend to crash the shopping cart into something. He makes me laugh!

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