A while back I talked about my purchase of a ‘grow light’ for starting seeds indoors. Well last night I got to use it.

First I had to go to Home Depot and buy starter mix, because well I bought everything but that….oops. 

Then I had to clear off the space I wanted to use…who knew a laundry room could be so dirty, yikes. Yes my washer and dryer are two different colors, that is how you get a great deal let me tell ya.

Then I gathered up all of my supplies

 Then I put my starter pellets (coconut fiber from Burpee) in the container and added water to make them grow, crazy.

Finally I got to start planting. For now my flowers, peppers, and both kinds of tomatoes I will start my herbs and green beans closer to the last frost.

Ready to grow!


How this is green:

  • The pots I”m using are organic and biodegradable, there will be no waste from them in the future when I transplant.
  • The seedling pods are coconut fiber which is highly renewable.
  • The cost and emissions from shipping seeds is considerably less than shipping plants.
  • Cuts down on the shipping of the produce because I”m not buying shipped produce.
  • No pesticides
  • Plus it just plain saves money!

Have you ever grown your own seeds before? Did you ahve any luck?

Would you buy a mismatched laundry set?

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