March Decor 2011

Ok first of all the easy one I made a new background for my interchangeable white board.

Here are my Summer and Spring, backgrounds.

Ok this one isn’t to hard either but it has more steps for sure. I made a new hurricane lamp  display for what is left of march but I like it. So here it is!

First  I cut a piece of ribbon and placed it in the bottom of the vase and spread it out.

Next I cut one of the fake flowers short and bent it so that It would face front and fairly level.

Then I place a glittery feather, and then started to work on the second flower.

I cut it down and placed it in but there was a large void in the vase.  So I used a pliers to twist the left over part of the stem and make a coil.

Then I pinched it on to the tall flower stem.

Put it all together and your done.


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2 comments on “March Decor 2011

  1. Looks great! Since it looks like we will be moving in a couple of months I haven’t wanted to start any decor projects…not until we are in a much better place then here. =(

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