High School Memories

I’m not one of those people who would go back to high school in a blink. I’m not a fan of school in general to tell the truth but I do have some great memories and I just thought I would share a few with you.

  • My senior year I had a ‘tricked out’ Honda Accord with a sun roof. When I was driving with my friend Rose and a good song came on we would pull over open the sunroof and the windows turn up the stereo and dance on the side of the gravel road.
  • I remember being in the elevator with my dance team and when it started to go down we would jump, its a cool feeling you should try it sometime.
  • I also remember one year at my very strangely grouped lunch table (we had a blast but it was a weird mix of popular and well not so popular) someone not only remembered my birthday but they also remembered I loved jelly beans they used them to spell out happy birthday on the table.
  • I remember trying out for show choir, we had to try out in front of everyone else. When I was done it was just stunned silence (someone once told me that was the greatest compliment.) I wasn’t the best singer in the school but I think they were just surprised I was as good as I was. It was a proud moment for me.
  • I remember Prime Time and the Fish Tank (a youth center a friend and I started) hanging out with 30-70 of the local youth every Friday night…or was it Saturday?
  • I remember surprising many of my teachers (and some others thought it was about time) when I made the National Honor Society my Junior year.
High school wasn’t always fun for me, but there were some moments that I’ll never forget. This May is 10 years…wow that makes me sound old. I wonder if we will have a reunion?

3 comments on “High School Memories

  1. I remember our lunch table too…we were some odd ducks! But, awesome odd ducks 😀

    Emily is working on a reunion. Maybe near the beginning of July.

  2. We didn’t have to eat in our lunch room so we typically found random places around school to eat.
    High school memories are both fun and so sad to think back on; not a big fan of those years of my life!
    We had our reunion this year but I opted not to go; don’t regret that decision at all!

  3. My friends and I did the same thing in the elevator at our High School–I had torn the ligaments in my right foot and ended up in a cast. It was funny you mentioned that.

    10 year reunion? I wish! My 20 year reunion is coming up in 2014. I never go to them though. I just laugh and throw the invite in the trash. Many of my High School friends were in the class that graduated one year later.

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