Aspirations: Update #2 (Debit and Food)


Credit Cards are paid off!! Step one is complete! Now moving on to paying off the Pathfinder. Starting this month, I’m going to add the money we were paying to the credit cards to the principal. The good news about this loan is that we have a great interest rate and in the past 15 months we have paid off almost $4000.00!!!

Eating Habits

I started a interesting little jump start diet this week to try and break the sugar habit, I decided it was time for something extreme. I’m not trying to get rid of sugar completely I’m trying to get rid of it as a daily occurrence in large quantities. So I was thinking detox. I did some research and really got nowhere. I was scared to just go in to a Target and buy something, so when my hubby wanted to go to GNC for something else I tagged along.

I told the worker what my goal was and I was surprised and pleased that she didn’t take me to the detox shelf she took me too the weight loss area!?!? I got the 7 day Fast loss Total Lean kit and  by-jove I think its working. It is a 3 part system that includes a vitamin pack, meal replacement shakes and a fiber drink.


I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from this, my goal isn’t to lose weight, although after changing birth control I did gain back the 10 lbs I previously lost so I wouldnt’ mind seeing that gone again. However I’ve noticed that by following their diet suggestions and using the shakes the cravings for sweets are gone! I’m still tempted when they are around me (ie the office break room) but its much easier to talk myself out of” just one bite.”  I think this is partly because of the added fruit and veggies I’m eating probably double the amount I used to. The other factor is the “pre diet detox” its a fiber drink that I think is helping clean out my system faster so the withdrawal isn’t as bad.

Mac is working a weird schedule for the next few weeks so I think I’m goingto buy the 2 week addition to this plan and see if  Ican get a stable footing for when I’m on my own.

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