Thoughts on Thursday: Ignore the little things.

I know the title of this one sounds funny but I think it will make sense in a moment.

I’m not talking about the little things you can do for your spouse I’m talking about the little things that annoy you. The things that bother you but really don’t make a difference at all. Things like which way the toilet paper is on the roll,  forgoting to hang the main set of keys (but the spare was hanging right there) or a light left on in the basement every once in a while. Mabe its when he leaves his empty pop cans on the end table between the sofa and love seat, that kind of little thing.

Whatever it is you ahve probably told him 100 times and at this point they know it but sometimes just fail to do it. So pick it up, change it, or turn it off and move on. Sometimes the continual ‘reminding’ just makes things worse.

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