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There are lots of ways you can reuse your clothes to keep the green cycle  going.  You can re-purpose them, give them to friends, repair them to keep them in use or donate them to charities.

Monday Mac and I cleaned out our closets and got quite the pile of clothes together to donate to Salvation Army. Not only is this green but it helps the community by providing  jobs, affordable clothing and supports a great service. The crazy part is how we both whine about not having enough clothes yet we found this big stack to donate….


What was fun for me is that for once I’m ahead of the curve, Clean Mama is having a spring cleaning event this month and guess what her first project was! Yep cleaning out the closets.

The second way I was green with my clothes this week was using my old team Zero Jersey (Mac’s old paintball team, check out an interview with them here) to make a shoe bag for my paintball cleats! This worked out perfect I can still support the old team and I have a well ventilated shoe bag.

Pretty Basic, cut out two pieces sew 3 sides together add a drawstring. If you really want a tutorial let me know but I bet you guys have more skill than me.



3 comments on “Reuse: Clothing

  1. You can also good to and schedule a pickup. On the website they have a list of charities you can choose from. I did this a couple of months ago and it was such a relief!

    I also like to bring them over to Savers if I am in the area as their sales also provide jobs and give back to the community. I also like to go there on occasion to see what treasures I can find. There are times I have found clothes for a steal with the original tags still on them!

  2. How funny that you guys cleaned out your closet! I just spent a whole day cleaning ours! I was going through so many of E’s clothing and they were so tiny! I ended up with several large piles of clothes to donate at a clothing swap in 2 weeks. Just like you, I always think that I don’t have enough clothes but in fact, I have loads of them! I guess I just needed to clean out my closet 🙂

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