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You have a big event coming up, wedding, birthday party, blog/web page  launch, whatever your over whelmed and in need of help what do you do? After meeting Sabrina I know what I would do, I would give her a call and scream HELP! 

Sabrina owns Mismikado Creations and they do everything from budget planning and design inspiration for weddings and parties to web banner design and photography plus much more. While her photography may be hard to access unless you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, most everything else can be done via the wonders of technology. But enough with my babbling lets have Sabrina talk for herself. 

1. How does your creative background help you with event planning? 

For starters my focus is not event planning but event design. Planners focus on the organization, vendor booking, and business side so to say of events. Designers make sure everything looks pretty. While I do offer specific planning related services, my focus is on the aesthetic details. And of course this takes a great deal of creativity and DIY know-how to bring to life the various visions and ideas my clients’ have. My creative background in art, photography, and graphic design equip me with the skills and resources to execute the different projects that come along. It also gives me the eye for knowing what will look good together. Many people cannot see how all the tiny little details will work in the big picture, but that is my speciality. 
2. What is your favorite part of wedding design? Graphic design, the research or the crafty part? 

That is a really hard question because I love every one of those aspects. I love waking up in the morning because I can truly say I love my job. Not many people get to spend hours scouring magazine, blog, and book articles and pictures for inspiration and call it their job. When I am designing or working on specific products or projects, I am really doing my biggest hobby. I am the type of person who would work on craft or design projects anyway because it helps me relax and makes me happy. Now I get to do it for my job, and that is more than thrilling. 
3. I see on your blog you were dreaming of a very unpractical (your discription for your living situation) tea cup Yorkie, what is your current dog of choice? 

I honestly just love dogs! I have always grown up around them and at different points have had a Collie, Chow, Akita, and various mixed breeds. My current two dogs are Coco, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi I’ve had since I was 12 so she’s an old lady now, and Miss B, our Pit/Lab puppy we got last summer. Her birthday is a couple days after our wedding date, so we call her our anniversary dog. I used to live out in the country so a lot of dogs and puppies would get abandoned on our property. I ended up starting an unofficial foster home for dogs where I would care for them until they were in stable health and then place them in loving homes. My favorite success story was the 1 day old abandoned puppy we found that I fostered until he was 8 weeks old. Caring for dogs takes a lot of work, money, and time investment but they truly are man’s (or women’s) best friend 🙂 
4. If your wedding was this summer what colors would you choose? How about this fall? 

That is such a good question. I love playing into the hypothetical because I always knew that my wedding would be black and white with accents of yellow because I was madly in love with sunflowers and the horse racing scene in My Fair Lady since I was a little girl. That aside, I love playing with other combinations and now I get to see these come alive in other people’s weddings. I created these two color boards (attached) to represent my ideal colors for weddings this summer and fall. Nothing says summer quite like yellow and green, they are the perfect colors for an outdoor wedding because they will accent any other color found in nature. However these colors should not be placed on the bodies of wedding attendants. That’s where silver/grey comes in. Silver looks gorgeous on almost any skin tone and there’s nothing quite like a man in a grey three-piece suit. As for the fall, I love creating a warm romantic color scheme that will accent the candlelit glow of an intimate wedding. This Elie Saab dress is the perfect color for a bride looking for something a little different while still looking bridal and romantic. 


5. What is your favorite thing graphically to work on? Blog banners, logos, invitations… 

I have to say my favorite things to work on are the custom color boards I create for my clients. They require extensive research into finding elements that fit perfectly into their personality while creating the overall mood of the event. These boards are the first stage in designing any event because they will serve as the guide for all future decisions. Secondly, I love the post editing work I do on my photography. While it takes a trained eye and knowledge of composition to capture stunning images, that little bit of editing is what really makes them pop. Editing photos is like taking a beautifully designed dress and altering it so that it will look exactly how the designer intended it to on the wearer; perfectly highlighting her assets. Likewise each photo has it’s own story and style and has to be read so that I know exactly how to enhance it without going too far.


Here is the fun news everyone, Sabrina is giving away a $150.00 GC good towards any of her event design services, photography services  OR the choice of one of these graphic design services. Announcements (any type,) Invitations (any occasion,) Notecard Set, Blog Header
Blog Badge, Ad Banner or Logo.  Sweet! The design suite package will include consultation, proofing stages, and high-resolution files with printing rights.


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