You Capture: The Letter “L”

I’ve been out for a while between life, and my computer dying but now I”m back and so far its been a great week, busy but good. My favorite night this week was Tuesday. My friend got tickets to the Hockey game and took 3 of us with her! So with out  further ado here are my “L” words.



(They are fighting)



(The fog horn and screaming after a goal.)




I don’t know if you can see it  but we are ranked 5th in the league, but it wasn’t always that way but I stood by my team.

5 comments on “You Capture: The Letter “L”

  1. (L)ove your post! Very creative! I haven’t started my L post this week (admittedly the stress of the week has left me drawing a blank) but I am hoping to get a few shots soon.

  2. How fun! I’m not a big hockey fan (or sports for that matter) but my boss and coworker have been teaching me bits and pieces since they’re following the current hockey season. Such a crazy game since the players get so rough with each other!

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