Thoughs on Thursday: Its nice to be protected.

I’m a stubborn, independent woman, however I must admit it is nice to have a hubby who protective of me. Sometimes its a little weird or restrictive (not going downtown at night without him or a group of friends and the like.) But really look at that example going downtown alone at night wouldn’t be a great idea anyway. So I guess in the end he is a smart guy. It also means he stands up for me, who wouldn’t like that?

3 comments on “Thoughs on Thursday: Its nice to be protected.

  1. I long for a man who is protective of me. I am very independant and can definitely hold my own, but there is something romantic about a protective man!! Cheerish it!


  2. Me too! I’m a pretty independent person but one thing I hate is being in a big house all alone. Having Jason around, even if he can’t take down any intruders, makes me feel 100% more safe and secure 🙂

    Oh, btw, I received your package! Thanks for the baking cups! They are perfect for baking cupcakes! Not to mention, they save me money AND they are reuseable. Why didn’t I think of getting those before!

  3. So great to have some one protective by your side. Not sure that my husband is that much braver than I am when it comes to scray things but just having him home with me and by my side always makes me feel better!

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