Projects for this weekend.

I have two projects I want to get done this weekend first is to make my own photo backgrounds for my crafty posts (and others I’m sure.) Check out these great backgrounds that Lemon Squeezy Home designed.

February 2011

See that blue and yellow one? It is spray paint free and since its still winter here in MN that is the one I”m going to make.

My other goal for this weekend is to create a gallery wall like this one from I Am Momma-Hear Me ROAR. This wall gives me permission to not be all matchy match…which I do far too often.

Thanks ladies for your inspiration.

*Photos are from their respective blogs.

3 comments on “Projects for this weekend.

  1. Thanks for linking! With the spray paint, it’s cold here as well. I’d keep everything inside and shake the can, run out and spray, then run everything back inside to dry–it worked great!

  2. I like the photo background idea! Very cute and very creative! I also like the photo wall too. I wish I had more walls for me to hang photos on too. Wishing you a good crafting weekend!

  3. Auuughhh! You are making me feel lazy (craftwise) but this has also been my busiest week in quite awhile and it won’t let up until the end of the day on Tuesday. I really like the photo wall idea. Probably won’t do it at my current place but am always looking for ideas for a few years down the line at our Wisconsin home! I love your SIL’s project on the other entry with the keys too…I might have to put that one on my to-do list. It’s darling.

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