Thoughts on Thursday: Coming home.

Ok so this may be fueled a little by Mac being gone for a few weeks but I find myself so very excited to go home to him! Mac works some early hours so when I go home he is there!

So here is my thought of the day, when ever you get home make sure to take a minute, just a minute, to acknowledge your spouse. Say hi give them a peck, check in on their day. It’s so easy just to get busy around the house and ignore them. Tonight when you get home greet your spouse.

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Coming home.

  1. Totally agree. It just puts you both in a good spot for the night. If you can stop what you are doing for a moment and give your spouse a face to face greeting it is a huge boost to your connectedness. We even try to take what we call “two chair time” (thanks Gary and Barb Rosberg – Americas Family Coaches) several times a week. We sit down and talk about our day for 20 minutes or so and then go on with our activities. It’s focused time. It really helps!

  2. I also agree 🙂 Jason and I usually spend a few minutes together in the evening and we’d gossip and talk about our day. It’s silly and kinda like high school but it’s always fun to be able to share these silly things with each other.

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