Green your Routine Winner

Well I can’t do any full posts right now since I”m waiting on my new computer, but I  can tell you who won the Green your bathroom routine hint challenge. picked number 8 but since I’m at work I can’t save a screen capture so you will just have to trust me.

The winner is Jen C! Here is her hint:

My bathroom routine is very similar to yours…except I don’t wear contacts or use lotion (though I should since winter weather dries my skin out). I usually take really quick showers so that I don’t waste water by standing around in the shower. In the winter, I shower every other day (days when I go running) since it’s cold and I don’t sweat at all during the day. Jason and I also brush our teeth at the same time so that we only have to run the facet once to rinse and wash our faces.

Great tips on being green!

Congrats you will get an e-mail from me soon

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